Christian Faith-Based Organization

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A Christian Faith-Based Organization(FBO) is an organization whose values are based on Christian faith and/or beliefs, which has a mission based on social values  of the Christian faith, and which most often draws its activists (leaders, staff, volunteers) from the Christian faith group.

Existing Paradigms

    • It is God’s work and not subject to man made law
    • It is the known tradition and pattern of ministry
    • It is how others (mentors and leaders) are doing it
    • God gave me the vision personally
    • I’m laboring for this vison and entitled to the benefits
    • I don’t want to disappoint my people
    • I’m highly connected
    • It is too politically sensitive a topic

The Church and Stewardship – Leke Alder

These are not the best of times for pastors. They are not the best of times for the church in general. Pastors are beleaguered. They stand accused of greed and commercialisation of the gospel.

Now, we can go spiritual in trying to identify the cause of the public relations debacle, and we must acknowledge the proficiency of Satan at negative branding; but such an approach will block the opportunity to strategically deal with underlying issues. And there are four underlying issues. If we don’t deal with these challenges we will be administering palliatives.

The Church, Tax And Governance – Taiwo Oyedele

Governance, the Church and Society

  • Governance is the systems and processes for managing the overall direction, effectiveness, supervision and accountability of an organisation.
  • Simply put, governance is how an organisation is managed for sustainability.  For people charged with governance, this role generally requires a lot, including avoiding conflict of interest, promoting an ethical culture and acting in the best interest of all stakeholders.
  • Churches are public institutions and exist for the benefit of society in addition to the primary mandate of salvation
  • Churches are accountable to God but so is everyone. God doesn’t need accounts, people do.
  • As public institutions, churches are accountable to the people.